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Consultant Competency Scheme

As a result of feedback from our consultants and clients, and by working with OPITO and industry leading service companies, Oil Consultants has developed its own competency scheme to provide a further level of quality assurance for the personnel it supplies.

Each registered candidate is invited to complete a competency record for their particular skills and experience gained within the industry. They are asked a series of self-assessment questions through which they can highlight their particular areas of expertise. Where our scheme goes over and above those offered by similar companies, is the independent verification we require for each of the declarations made by a consultant.

For each area of the scheme the consultant completes, they must also nominate a verifier who can confirm the claims made. This verifier must be an oil industry professional who has worked with the consultant on projects requiring the skills being assessed. Each verifier is validated by Oil Consultants and sent a copy of the questions and the consultant’s self-assessment. They then respond to us with their verification of the contents included.

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