"I have been working with OCL for nearly 7 months now and have been looked after better than when I worked for a Major oil company"

"Service from Oil consultants has been very good, they have supplied personnel at very short notice, we will definitely be using Oil consultants as our first choice for personnel."

"John Hogarth: Excellent. Big thanks for staying over time. All Shell excellent. Maersk excellent. Dolphin excellent. 100% well done."

Hi Tracey
I just want to say thank you very very much. You and Dawn are the instrument where I am now. I am really thankful for trusting me on this opportunity. Now I`m more productive person. I owe this from you beautiful ladies of OCL who hired me.
Best regards
Danilo L. Barrios

Danilo L. Barrios-October 2013

I couldn`t find a word to explain how much I appreciate you and OC

Thank you Chris. Thank you all


Hossam, Drilling Fluids Consultant-May 2013

I have enjoyed working for you guys and find you very professional and efficient! I will let you know when I`m ready for work again and hopefully we can continue.

Kind Regards

Philip R-May 2013

Hello Hema
Thank you for all your time and effort that you have put forth throughout this whole process.
Kind Regards, John

John, US Consultant-February 2013

Working for Oil Consultants has been a real joy! They are professional, diligent, honest and multi-taskers who are very good at fulfilling their job and socially connected. It`s understandable that "you represent them well" when you go into a contract with them.

Peter - Consultant USA-February 2013

Hello Laura,
I want to really say big thanks for all the assistance you rendered me to secure my first consultancy job with OCL. I am indeed very grateful in spite of all my numerous calls you were always ready to give a listening ear.

God bless you


Godwin, Consultant-February 2013

Dear Andrea,
The best company I`ve worked is OCL
I will be happy to restart our collaboration.

Val, Romanian Driller-February 2013

Great support network, assisted me greatly with logistics for Test Engineer job in Norway.

Mark Ogilvie-January 2013

Cheryl, Tell your Boss we want to vote you all as the most efficient agency we have come across... Many thanks Rgds Richard

Richard, Consultant-December 2012

OC team,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity to start a new career in 2012. Without your outstanding support that wouldn`t be possible!!!
I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of amazing conquests!
Once again, thank you all!
Best regards,

Thiago-December 2012

Many thanks for the certificates, I must say I am massively impressed with the Online web site it`s so easy and well set up.

Regards Jeremy

Jeremy - Consultant-December 2012

`Andrea had a client that required my expertise and out sourced my services to them. I found Andrea to be professional, courteous and eager to ensure that both parties were satisfied. I look forward to working with Andrea again in the near future.`

Richard Carnegie-October 2012

During my time working with Oil Consultants Andrea has been great to work with. Always replying to emails promptly and professionally, which is something I rate highly. Always easily contactable for any queries or problems. She works hard in matching and attaining different contracts for me. A pleasure to work with.

Scott - Consultant-October 2012

Good afternoon Laura,
Thank you so much for your extraordinary effort, for your help, Oil Consultants is a big help for me to find job,
I am interested in plant operator position next.
Kind Regards

Nicolae, Consultant Plant Operator-September 2012

Thank you
Rachel has been great with her assistance. All the best to yourself, Rachel and Ryan; really appreciate all your help in securing a position for me.
Take care, Michael

Michael, Consultant-August 2012

Hi Rachel
I trust things are going well and as always, thanks for getting in contact, I do appreciate your continual support and guidance!

Daniel-August 2012

Hello Laura
Thank you so much for your extra ordinary recruiting efforts, and yes I`m interested in that position you mentioned in Iraq, hope it goes well - Best Wishes

Mohammed Abou Bakr-August 2012

Thanks Michelle,
Your reply was fast, and full of information. I`ve never struggled actually with Oil Consultants, so far. Even last Oct 2011, when all the offshore chopper flights to and from Aberdeen were cancelled for 4 days!!!!!!, even then your people managed to put me on the first morning flight to Sofia, the next day.
Thanks again, it is a bit early to say when my job is going to finish at that point now.

Kind regards - Drago - North Cormorant

Drago - Consultant-July 2012

Thanks for all your help James. I can say without a doubt that in the five years I`ve spent in this industry I`ve never experienced such follow up and support from both yourself Heather and Philip. It`s a very refreshing change.

Trevor Cowan - Consultant-July 2012

Dear Kelly
I would like to thank you and especially Chris for this trip.
Chris has remained astute and very professional since first talking to him in 2010. I talk to a lot of head hunters and he is one of the better individuals.
Have a lovely Jubilee
Randle F

Randle F, Drilling Fluids Consultant-June 2012


Thank you for your quick reply, I really appreciate you hard working this is a clear sign of your professionalism and OC99 strength

Best Regards

Abderrahim, Consultant-May 2012

Hi Caroline and Chris,
First I would like to thank you and your team for the period I was working for OCL. Personally with all my years in oil field I did not find such professional people and organization as yours.

Samy Aly, Drilling Fluids Engineer-May 2012

During my time at Oil Consultants Andrea was my main point of contact while on contract. I found Andrea to be very professional and helpful to myself with every aspect of my contract. I would recommend Andrea to anyone as I know they will be impressed with her services.

Robert Dodds-April 2012

Andrea is a very competent manager, very good to work for, knowing your work profile will be set out well in advance before starting at the workplace, easy to get on with under any sort of pressure, a very understanding person.

Geoffrey Pegler-April 2012

Andrea always paid particular attention to every detail relating to my contract (and others) in the UK always, every issue if any are all resolved rapidly and professionally, a great friendly positive attitude, do not hesitate to contact her if you need a real professional in the Oil and Gas consulting business.

Christian Roux -March 2012

My husband has worked for Oil Consultants for the past 9 years. They have become like family to us. They not only care about the job and the consultants they care about the families at home. It can be stressful when your loved one is working in a foreign land. I have seen them grow and become the best consulting firm available worldwide. They let you know the status of the jobs and always pay on time. Great job to all the staff at OC...I would recommend them to anyone wanting to work overseas...

Roxanne Mueller-March 2012

It was a great pleasure to join with Oil Consultants as an employee where I was treated with great respect.

Mohamed Ibrahim-March 2012

Want a job in the oil patch? Then this your site!

Anthony Mifsud-February 2012

I think the operation you have at present is very professional and is one of the better companies I have work for. In particular I would like to mention that Hema & Andrea have been outstanding with their assistance.

Paul Roberts - Senior Electrical Supervisor-January 2012

When I applied to Oil Consultants I was not expecting to find this professionalism and kindness. Thanks Oil Consultants team.

Kasmi Nabil-January 2012

I`d like to thank you and your colleagues for all the top class professional attitudes you have shown me during assistance and advice given to date.

Stuart Murray-October 2011

It was my first time to work with Oil Consultants and I am very satisfied with the professionalism of OC staff.

Samy Mahmoud Aly-Drilling Fluids Engineer-October 2011

Day 1: I hear about OC99. I send my application to an interesting offer.
Day 2: I complete my profile
Day 3: I get the job!

They have appreciated my CV and experience as never done before.
For sure, I will talk about them around me.
Thank you ANDREA OLIVER for the excellent and fast service you provided.

Majid Doghmane, Logistics Supervisor-September 2011

I am highly delighted with the information, help, co-operation and updates from the OC99 personnel.
As an experienced MWD/LWD and Well Testing Operator, I have received numerous updates and advice from OC99, especially by ANDREA OLIVER. I have never met such an amazing person who takes her time to make things clear and easy for someone.
And to all the staff working hard and around the clock to get an offer for personnel, KEEP IT UP. Thank you all.

David Eke, Well Testing Senior Operator-July 2011

I have been working with OCL for nearly 7 months now and have been looked after better than when I worked for a major oil company. They are always there when called, any time day or night. The whole team have done a great job for me. A big thanks to Andrea & Cheryl who have been a tremendous help to me these last few months... couldn`t have done it without you both. To all the team, keep up the good work. Look forward to working with you all for many years to come.

Alexander Fleming, Mechanic Specialist-July 2011

I consider Oil Consultants as excellent and the best website where we can find good and better opportunities. It is really easy to use and keeps us updated about job requirements worldwide. As a consultant, I always want to know and be kept updated about job availability worldwide.
Thanks to Oil Consultants.

Imran Khan, Well Testing Specialist-June 2011

I have recently completed and returned from a work assignment in North Scotland working thru OCL organisation for the first time. Bearing in mind that I have been an overseas oilworker for more than 30 years, I found OCL to be very efficient and professional and by far the very best I have worked with before. Congratulations to all of you at OCL - you are very good at what you do. It means a lot to people in my position working overseas - out on a limb if you like - to know they have the kind of support you offer.

Stuart McNeil, Mechanic Job Supervisor-May 2011

Thank you very much Kelly for your email for payment, it was nice to work with a professional outfit. Going to Singapore Wednesday for 6 months on a oil refinery. Thanks for everything that the team have done for me, remind Andrea+Cheryl. Thanks, Geoff Pegler

Geoff Pegler-May 2011

I consider Oil Consultants as an excellent and the best website where we can find good and better opportunities. It is really easy to use and keeps us updated about job requirements worldwide. As a consultant, I always want to know and be kept updated about job availability worldwide,


Lenin Fontana

Lenin Fontana, Drilling Fluids Engineer-Senior-May 2011

I wanna just thank all the oil consultants team & especially Caroline for her help, well done

Haykal Hykal Chhaydar-May 2011

It is a really unique way of recruiting process, really very interesting when you logged in and see the status of you application against the number of applicants. Joanna Taylor did very well. Very quick process. Many Thanks to Joanna Taylor and best wishes to OC.

Senthur Pandian Katturajan-May 2011

Andrea Oliver has been very helpful in any queries I have had and is very responsive. Cheryl Scott is also very helpful and seems happy to help where she can although she is not my main conact at OCL. OCL is with no doubt one of the most reliable Recruitment Agencies in the UK.

Saul Strachan-April 2011

Oil consultants is a big help for me to find job. The staff are great and very
professional. So keep it up and always give hope for oilfields worker.
thank you very much.....

Armando Turo, Coiled Tubing Operator-April 2011

Having work for OCL since 2008, I am proud to say that oil consultant team are excellent and efficient professionals. My early contact; Norman and Susan were very friendly. I got to know everyone personally during the 10th year anniversary celebration in may 2009. Everyone is simple and lovely. I have no reservation to commend everyone from the top: Mark, Norman, Debi, Susan, Sheila, Kelly, Cheryl, Clair, Helen, and Julia; to please keep the good working relationship. I am proud to associate with OCL team.

Promise Anga, Fishing Supervisor-March 2011

Excellent service and approach. I am very happy with OCL

Ziaurrehman Ansari-February 2011

I can see that the Oil Consultants are working very hard. They react very promptly to any request. Since I have started processing my application, they have left no stone unturned.
Any enquiry I have made has often being replied and complied with promptly. Their staff are very attentive and down to earth.
Please, keep this up.

CHRISTOPHER ENAJEDU, Production Chemist Supervisor-January 2011

Thanks for everything the experience has been great. Thank you for all the efforts and support Ms. Scott, you have taken well care of me. Thanks again everyone. David

D Simpson-November 2010

I had a remarkable experience working for oil-consultants the past year.They have been prompt in reacting to matters affecting personnel.I have never had any queries dealing with oil-consultants.I love working with them.

Ferguson Iwowari, Slickline Supervisor-July 2010

The office staff are always friendly and keep you informed of any changes to plan as soon as they are aware. I have enjoyed working for them a hope to continue doing so for some time to come.

Alistair Graeme Inkster -February 2010

I have worked for Oil Consultants in the past years and they have always been very fair and professional.

Peter Pinfold -February 2010

Good Job, Hope to work for you again in the near future. Thanks Tony Savell

Thomas Anthony Savell -January 2010

I am very happy with the people and service at Oil Consultants. Thank you.

Christian Ritchie -January 2010

The team has a quick responses time with regards to my initial concerns and questions. I look forward to a healthy working relationship. Keep up the good work.

Marvin Dick -January 2010

Over all I believe Oil Consultants is doing a fine job. I have not had any issues with personnel or the processes. Claire Moss goes out of her way to ensure you have what you need to do your job.

Harry L Lalonde -January 2010

This is my first time looking for job opportunities in this web site. When I had the first approach, the answer was quickly.

Raul Fernando Azuga -January 2010

I was hired by Mark and have worked for OC from 2006 to 2008.I am feeling very proud to be part of the team. Whenever I ask for any sort of help, I was given special attention untill the problem has been solved. I wish OC to grow day by day so we can get more jobs in the Industry. Regards Abid Ali

Abid Ali -January 2010

You are doing great. I truely appreciate, keep it up.

Mark Aruoriwo Oseajeh -January 2010

Once again, everything went smoothly. Thanks guys.

Steve Matheson-December 2009

Happy with service

John Haggerty-December 2009

I am always very happy with your service and the people at Oil Consultants Ltd. Thanks.

Christian Ritchie-December 2009

Excellent - Well done Team, All the best in 2010

Barrie Watkins-December 2009

Very satisfied with Oil Consultants

Leo den Toom-December 2009

As allways very satisfied with the service from Oil Consultants

andrew thomson-December 2009

Excellent service

Jim Smith-December 2009

Overall service very good.

Philip Bott-December 2009

The OC provides a excellent job of support, with a team competent and efficient.

Alex Souza Fonseca -December 2009

Excellent - Oil Consultants have always been extremely efficient in finding work for me. The website is excellent and easy to navigate around, and all the staff working in the office always reply and keep in touch via e-mail or telephone. A pleasure to work with the guys!

David J Wyllie -November 2009

I was working for Oil Consultants in 2008, in Turkmenistan (on Land) and North Sea (semi, and a platform). This agency is one of the best company, a person can choose to work.
The year of 2008 was ABSOLUTELY the most brilliant time, throughout the whole my 16 years of oilfield career.
Cheers and pls.keep on the pace. Drago - A Bulgarian cementer

Dragomir Angelov, Cementer Supervisor-November 2009

Good agency and was recomended to me from previous consultants of yours.

Robert Brian Wheddon -September 2009

Keep up the good work

John Laing-September 2009

It is necessary to recognize that Oil Consultants is an agency very well structured and organized. I thank Norman, Susan, Claire and Kelly for the support and patience in my several doubt on procedures and steps.
As soon as possible I hope to can work together again.

Alex Fonseca, Well Testing Supervisor-September 2009

Very good structure, Susan and Norman are excellent professionals.
Mark and Debi Cooper are also on top!

Best regards, Patrick.

Patrick Roquebert, Slickline Coordinator-May 2009

Now consulting with OCL approx 4 years, always helpful, every department been 100%, Susan & Norman have looked after my employment needs very professionally. Cannot think of anything that could be improved. Look forward for long future ahead with OCL Thanks, Regards Jim Smith (slickline supv)

Jim Smith-February 2009

A very good service, good people to deal with, no problems

Andy Gillies-January 2009

Oil Consultants is only the second consultant firm I have ever worked for. I stopped searching for a better one after only one hitch under the care of OC. Contracts, travel, expenses, invoices are all always seamless.
Thanks to Mark, Debi, Susan, Norman, Sheila, Julia, and Kelly for all of your hard work and honesty. Congratulations to all on your success, very professional and personal!

David Caines, Well Testing Senior Operator-January 2009

Having started with Oil Consultants in May of this year after a very very long period of being employed in a service company in various positions I have found the transition very easy and enjoyable in which it is a great feeling knowing that you are not just a number but a person to whom the staff at OC99 treat extremely well. Keep up the good work and I would have no hesitation in recommending Oil Consultants as a great agency to be associated with.

Ron McQueen-November 2008

Everthing is handled professionally and efficiently. I have yet to run into any problems regarding Oil Consultants. The people I deal with there pay attention to detail and are sure to reply to calls or Email. I have had some of the best arranged travel since I have started in the Oil Field. Payment of invoices and notification of payment is well taken care of.

Paul Higdon-November 2008

Only complaint I had with Oil Consultants was the 30 day wait for invoices to be paid. I realise this is the way it was but virtually everyone pays quicker these days. My current job is immediate payment on invoice submission. Maximum 7 days. Other than that, Oil Consultants are very professional and it was a pleasure working through you.

Rick H-October 2008

I have not had much dealing with OCL but from my brief experience and in comparison with other consulting agencies I would have to rate OCL at the very top. An asset to the industry and the consulting trade. Highly organized and transparent with excellent systems in place. The website and being able to update one's own information is fantastic.

Rory Brough-October 2008

I would just like to say thanks to Sheila and the rest of the team who made my first venture in the consultancy business a pain and hassle free experience. I hope I have the pleasure of dealing with you all again in the future.

Peter Bruce, Drilling Supervisor-August 2008

I cannot recommend Oil Consultants too greatly.
They found me jobs, organised flights, paid me money, and all without a hitch.
It is unlikely that I will consult again, but if I did, I would contact Oil Consultants

Jim Blackwood, Well Testing Coordinator-June 2008

By far the best agency I have worked for!
A great bunch folk to work with, always so helpful and supportive whenever I call in or email any querries or concerns.
Allan Ross

Allan Ross, Cementer Supervisor-June 2008

Elaine and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you and to let you know it has been a pleasure doing business with you guys.
Please keep in touch and hopefully we can do business again somewhere down the road.

Wayne & Elaine Walters-June 2008

Dear All at OC,

Thank you for your professionalism and assistance with everything. A BIG thank you to Debi who has gone out of her way chasing my missing expenses due to job completion from one location to the next.I hope to go through your agency again one day as this has been a very good experience.

Lance Pearlman, Well Services Superintendent-May 2008

It was a good experience to work for Oil Consultants. They took good care to complete all travelling
documents and ensured my availability for the client in time.
I wish to work for them in future when ever they need me.

Thanks to Oil Consultants.

Emanuel Siraj, Cementer Supervisor-February 2008

I have worked for Oil Consultants from Nov 2006 to Nov 2007.Working with Oil Consultants is a very good experience for me. They treat me very well, I never feel like a consultant but an employee. They help me in all situations and provide me all information I have requested. Mark is a very good TEAM LEADER. He has a professional and dedicated people in his organization. I wish them a Happy New Year and pray for their success.
Abid Ali

Abid Ali, Cementer Supervisor-January 2008

I cannot say enough about Online and Oil Consultants as I think they are first class in all departments. Everyone works very hard to ensure that everything is done correctly and on time. A credit to the Industry. This has to be the best.
Many thanks for everything

Mark Lyon.

Mark Edward Lyon, Completions Supervisor-November 2007

I have been with online for over 2 years now and enjoy working for them as they are nice people to deal with and do all they can for you.

William McHardy, Slickline Supervisor-November 2007

I have worked on and off for Online for a number of years. The whole team are organised, and a pleasure to work with. I have absolutely no concerns with any flight, passport or visa issue whilst working for the company.

Simon James Malster, Well Services Supervisor-May 2007

Even though I've been with OCL for only six months, it is all good. Every aspect of this experience is dealt with efficiently. I look forward to a long relationship with OCL.

Paul J Scott, Cementer Supervisor-May 2007

Oil Consultants is a reliable company to work with. They always pay workers salaries as promised.
As an engineer I am happy to work with oil consultant because the management is always there to assist and encourage me in my career development.

Stanislaus Chiazor Okwu Amadi, Cementer Senior Operator-March 2007

Working for Online consultants was the best move I ever made. A honest and hardworking team. A special thanks to Debi for always ensuring that my pay was in the bank on time. (It always was)
A company that delivers exactly what it says it will. Good to see that this company unlike others, provide the consultant with Liability insurance, Medical emergency services, and above all clear concise rules to follow so as not to be hammered by Mr Gordon Brown and IR35. Mark and online are a credit to the oilfield agency world.

Neil Hay, Senior Completions Engineer-December 2006

Having worked for over 2 years with online consultants, I do not have anything other than total trust and respect for all of the people there. I have worked for other consultant groups and If I was in trouble any where in the world, I always felt confident that they would do their best to sort things out. Being a consultant in some of the most harsh environments this means a great deal.

Simon Malster, Well Services Supervisor-October 2006

Thanks for the reply. The pay has gone through this morning. Thank goodness lol. I was really hoping it would without any hassles...It did so I'm very happy!

Darrel D-September 2006

... Thanks for the information it will help. If I still have bank problems I will let you know before you pay me my next invoice ... We need more people like you in this world to get things done right!!! Thanks Again..

Ross A-September 2006

To one and all at OLC, thank you very much for taking such good care of me!

D Hoppe-August 2006

I hope there will be another work opportunity in the future with Online Consultants.
I have a very positive impression of your agency's management.

J Ludwig-July 2006

Just wanted to thank you for going out of your way to help me! As I`ve said before, you guys treat me very well and I couldn`t imagine working for a better company. Sorry for any trouble I may have caused you! I`ll write you again when I get back to Canada. Have a great day and again thanks!

Jason C-May 2006

Helpful and responsive, Andrea is a pleasure to deal with.


Operations Manager - Cementing, Australia -November 2012

I have used Oil Consultants many times in the past and still think they retain the best consultants in the oilfield

Justin - Surface Well Test Service Leader, Halliburton, Malaysia-August 2012

We are at the end of the frac programme for the Beach Energy, Encounter 1 frac ops.
I would like to take this opportunity to send a quick note of appreciation for the excellent performance of your Well Testing crews.
I found all of the crew members on your testing team to be very professional in their approach to the requirements of the programme.
They were very attentive of detail and proactive in their duties of well and wellhead management for all the non-frac component of the programme.
I was able to have full confidence in their abilities to operate, observe and understand the various scenarios we encountered during the job.
Shane Winslow was able to create a great team effort and guided the crews in their focus on important issues. He was a great asset to our operation.

Please pass on my genuine thanks for a job well done.

Kind regards

Paul, Wellsite Supervisor, Encounter 1 Frac Operations-June 2012

Very good service all the time

Martyn, Int Ops Supervisor, Aker Qserv-June 2012

Good service and commitment & good quality engineers provided.

Project Manager, M-I SWACO-June 2012

Having single points of contact (in our case Susan Stinson) has been superb. She is contactable at all times and always does her utmost to provide us with a quality service at all times.

Lee, Aker Qserv -May 2012

Your sales works well with us trying to supply what we need. Good job

Stephen, Slickline Operations Manager, Halliburton, Azerbaijan-May 2012

I have used Oil Consultants many times in the past and found your company to be very helpful in providing personnel for us for Completion/Slickline services often on short notice. I rate Oil Consultants highly as a professional company that has a good data base of specialized people available to companies that provide services to the Oil Companies.

Russell, Completions Supervisor, Halliburton-May 2012

Good attention and rapid response

Marco, Schlumberger, Colombia-May 2012

Service from personnel and administration has always been outstanding.

Operations Manager, Expro-April 2012

Scott was an important asset to the well test operation. He has good knowledge of the well test equipment and learned DST very quickly. Very good at training junior operators. Would have him back any time.

Adam - Well Site Supervisor-October 2013

Pierre committed himself tirelessly during the well test and rig up of the following well thereafter. He was a great crew chief to have and hope to continue to work with Pierre in the future.

Davie T, Well Test Supervisor-September 2013

Hajirza is an excellent consultant and he has good knowledge of the well testing. He knows how to apply his job skills efficiently. He will be always the first choice whenever we need a consultant to perform well testing.

Ayudin, Well Test Supervisor Grade 10-September 2013

Andy worked well and has a vast knowledge of wireline tools and the operations we were carrying out on board the WilHunter, I would have Andy back again no problem.

Dougie, Well Services Supervisor -September 2013

Keith was a great benefit to have on the crew and showed excellent work ethic. Contributed well to the safety culture on the well site.

Marathon Oil-August 2013

Wolfgang did a very good job in SIP 5X as SWT Chief Operator. His support to the testing team is very well appreciated. Excellent safety record.

Alexander, SLB Testing Engineer-August 2013

Mike was part of a CT crew during a complex pumping operation. He operated a pump and managed tanks in a safe and efficient manner and helped in making up coiled tubing tool strings.

P Smith, CT Supervisor-August 2013

Samsoon was a vital member of the team which carried out this successful campaign, displaying strong leadership qualities. Will recommend him for any of our future operations

Baker Hughes, Malaysia/Philippines -July 2013

Darren & Frank were a breath of fresh air compared to previous W/L personnel who have come to location; they are knowledgeable, hardworking conscientious workers. I would prefer to have them back on the next campaign as first choice, due to their vast combined experience.

Tullow Well Test Supervisor, Kenya-June 2013

Would have no hesitation requesting Jerry back to any Halliburton location. His knowledge and work ethic are both exemplary.

John -June 2013

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