"I have been working with OCL for nearly 7 months now and have been looked after better than when I worked for a Major oil company"

"Service from Oil consultants has been very good, they have supplied personnel at very short notice, we will definitely be using Oil consultants as our first choice for personnel."

"John Hogarth: Excellent. Big thanks for staying over time. All Shell excellent. Maersk excellent. Dolphin excellent. 100% well done."

Hi Tracey
I just want to say thank you very very much. You and Dawn are the instrument where I am now. I am really thankful for trusting me on this opportunity. Now I`m more productive person. I owe this from you beautiful ladies of OCL who hired me.
Best regards
Danilo L. Barrios

Danilo L. Barrios-October 2013

I couldn`t find a word to explain how much I appreciate you and OC

Thank you Chris. Thank you all


Hossam, Drilling Fluids Consultant-May 2013

I have enjoyed working for you guys and find you very professional and efficient! I will let you know when I`m ready for work again and hopefully we can continue.

Kind Regards

Philip R-May 2013

Hello Hema
Thank you for all your time and effort that you have put forth throughout this whole process.
Kind Regards, John

John, US Consultant-February 2013

Working for Oil Consultants has been a real joy! They are professional, diligent, honest and multi-taskers who are very good at fulfilling their job and socially connected. It`s understandable that "you represent them well" when you go into a contract with them.

Peter - Consultant USA-February 2013

Hello Laura,
I want to really say big thanks for all the assistance you rendered me to secure my first consultancy job with OCL. I am indeed very grateful in spite of all my numerous calls you were always ready to give a listening ear.

God bless you


Godwin, Consultant-February 2013

Dear Andrea,
The best company I`ve worked is OCL
I will be happy to restart our collaboration.

Val, Romanian Driller-February 2013

Great support network, assisted me greatly with logistics for Test Engineer job in Norway.

Mark Ogilvie-January 2013

Cheryl, Tell your Boss we want to vote you all as the most efficient agency we have come across... Many thanks Rgds Richard

Richard, Consultant-December 2012

OC team,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity to start a new career in 2012. Without your outstanding support that wouldn`t be possible!!!
I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of amazing conquests!
Once again, thank you all!
Best regards,

Thiago-December 2012

Helpful and responsive, Andrea is a pleasure to deal with.


Operations Manager - Cementing, Australia -November 2012

I have used Oil Consultants many times in the past and still think they retain the best consultants in the oilfield

Justin - Surface Well Test Service Leader, Halliburton, Malaysia-August 2012

We are at the end of the frac programme for the Beach Energy, Encounter 1 frac ops.
I would like to take this opportunity to send a quick note of appreciation for the excellent performance of your Well Testing crews.
I found all of the crew members on your testing team to be very professional in their approach to the requirements of the programme.
They were very attentive of detail and proactive in their duties of well and wellhead management for all the non-frac component of the programme.
I was able to have full confidence in their abilities to operate, observe and understand the various scenarios we encountered during the job.
Shane Winslow was able to create a great team effort and guided the crews in their focus on important issues. He was a great asset to our operation.

Please pass on my genuine thanks for a job well done.

Kind regards

Paul, Wellsite Supervisor, Encounter 1 Frac Operations-June 2012

Very good service all the time

Martyn, Int Ops Supervisor, Aker Qserv-June 2012

Good service and commitment & good quality engineers provided.

Project Manager, M-I SWACO-June 2012

Having single points of contact (in our case Susan Stinson) has been superb. She is contactable at all times and always does her utmost to provide us with a quality service at all times.

Lee, Aker Qserv -May 2012

Your sales works well with us trying to supply what we need. Good job

Stephen, Slickline Operations Manager, Halliburton, Azerbaijan-May 2012

I have used Oil Consultants many times in the past and found your company to be very helpful in providing personnel for us for Completion/Slickline services often on short notice. I rate Oil Consultants highly as a professional company that has a good data base of specialized people available to companies that provide services to the Oil Companies.

Russell, Completions Supervisor, Halliburton-May 2012

Good attention and rapid response

Marco, Schlumberger, Colombia-May 2012

Service from personnel and administration has always been outstanding.

Operations Manager, Expro-April 2012

Scott was an important asset to the well test operation. He has good knowledge of the well test equipment and learned DST very quickly. Very good at training junior operators. Would have him back any time.

Adam - Well Site Supervisor-October 2013

Pierre committed himself tirelessly during the well test and rig up of the following well thereafter. He was a great crew chief to have and hope to continue to work with Pierre in the future.

Davie T, Well Test Supervisor-September 2013

Hajirza is an excellent consultant and he has good knowledge of the well testing. He knows how to apply his job skills efficiently. He will be always the first choice whenever we need a consultant to perform well testing.

Ayudin, Well Test Supervisor Grade 10-September 2013

Andy worked well and has a vast knowledge of wireline tools and the operations we were carrying out on board the WilHunter, I would have Andy back again no problem.

Dougie, Well Services Supervisor -September 2013

Keith was a great benefit to have on the crew and showed excellent work ethic. Contributed well to the safety culture on the well site.

Marathon Oil-August 2013

Wolfgang did a very good job in SIP 5X as SWT Chief Operator. His support to the testing team is very well appreciated. Excellent safety record.

Alexander, SLB Testing Engineer-August 2013

Mike was part of a CT crew during a complex pumping operation. He operated a pump and managed tanks in a safe and efficient manner and helped in making up coiled tubing tool strings.

P Smith, CT Supervisor-August 2013

Samsoon was a vital member of the team which carried out this successful campaign, displaying strong leadership qualities. Will recommend him for any of our future operations

Baker Hughes, Malaysia/Philippines -July 2013

Darren & Frank were a breath of fresh air compared to previous W/L personnel who have come to location; they are knowledgeable, hardworking conscientious workers. I would prefer to have them back on the next campaign as first choice, due to their vast combined experience.

Tullow Well Test Supervisor, Kenya-June 2013

Would have no hesitation requesting Jerry back to any Halliburton location. His knowledge and work ethic are both exemplary.

John -June 2013

Humberto performed very well, his proactivity and knowledge helped us a lot. Carry on the operations smoothly.

Igor, Operations Engineer, Brazil-June 2013

Jack completed a 28 day tour on board Well Enhancer working for Apache; this was very much appreciated by Aker during a very busy period with crew supply issues. He carried out his day to day tasks in a professional manner. Job was completed with no incidents or accidents. Client was delighted with the crew performance. Good job Jack..!!

Dean, Wireline Operations Supervisor-June 2013

Mike worked well, excellent attitude keeping good records of stocks used and required for operations taking place. He is a good experienced pump hand. Would willing work with him again.

Ian G, Field Supervisor-May 2013

Chafik was a good hand that made the operation easy going. He is a good team player with good communication skills, and his attitude and performance was outstanding.

Fady, BW Naftafluids-May 2013

Nouar done a great job and will be the first guy we will request when looking for an Algerian supervisor. Excellent job!

Scott, Service Coordinator -April 2013

Alex is a capable and enthusiastic well test crew chief. He worked hard to keep communications good between Expro onshore, offshore, the rig and the client during the job.

Colin, BP Well Test Engineer-April 2013

Gordon did a great job for us in Australia. A true professional and role model for our less experienced staff. Very highly regarded by our clients and sure to be requested back in future.

David, Expro - Western Australia-March 2013

First, wanted to thank Sumandran Padayache who prepared and delivered an animated presentation to all on the rig to explain the test operations. Not only is this useful to make sure all know what our objectives are, but also as a general learning for the team.

Olav, General Manager - Wells Operations, Qatar Shell-March 2013

Kevin is highly experienced on the frac flow back operations and having such kind of experienced person in the team keeps our operational flexibility at higher levels. I would certainly work with Kevin again in the future.

Turker, DAQ Service Leader-March 2013

Said did a good job on this project and was willing to put in extra work for the success of this project. The project was conducted with few personnel and equipment problems. Good job overall.

Faisal, Upstream Business Development Manager-March 2013

Brian was an asset to the team, a very knowledgeable guy, more than happy to take on any role given him. He was great for the moral of the team and helped by mentoring the newer team members.

Andy B, Night Shift Supervisor-March 2013

Rachid shows good work ethics and he is full of energy while working with me. Understood the Schlumberger procedures and having good knowledge for SWT equipment. Good communication and team player with the crews. Overall it is great to work with him; suggest him to be working for Schlumberger team for next or future job.

Shandy, SLB Surface Testing Supervisor-March 2013

Thanks for supplying great guys for this job both are very professional…Cheers

Tony, Service Coordinator Testing & Subsea Halliburton -February 2013

Tom is very knowledgeable on equipment and operations. He was a very valuable member of the crew and I would happily have him as Chief Op or Supervisor on any future job.

David MacKinnon - Well Test Supervisor-February 2013

Colin has excellent safety awareness as well as equipment knowledge and is a good team player. Always keeps morale high and has good customer relationship skills. Stuart Watt, Halliburton Service Leader

Stuart, Halliburton Service Leader-February 2013

Fantastic job. Very professional and responsible person. No issues

Yerzhan, Testing & Subsea Coordinator-February 2013

Abdel is one of the most respected, hardworking and knowledgeable people that I have worked with; he is sociable and quickly became part of our family. I look forward to working with him again.

Al-Mutaz – Schlumberger Saudi Arabia -November 2012

Reda performed a good job in Totea. Good communication with the surface testing crew. Happy to have him back.

Liviu, SLB Romania-November 2012

Hi Andrew,
I was delighted to hear Awilco`s drilling manager specifically mentioning your very good work and contribution onboard after today`s morning call.
Suncor and Awilco are very pleased with the work you`re doing and the very positive attitude you are showing.
I was told to pass this message on to you – and would like to add that I fully agree!
Thank you very much for your contribution,


Stefan, SLB-November 2012

Haji performed very well during his stay in Mozambique. Covered 2 deepwater full package jobs with his team spirit, strong knowledge and commitment to overall operation. I wish we will have Haji back to location to run another couple of tests.

Sergey, Well Test Supervisor/Coordinator for Schlumberger-October 2012

I have worked with Andrew for the last 6 months on the Rowan Norway, drilling two horizontal laterals off a mother bore on a location East of Shetland. Andrew has been an asset to the operation due to his wealth of experience coupled with his very positive can do attitude running a state of the art cement unit complete with computerised remote operating stations.
We have performed three flawless cement jobs together, and overcome many problematic technical issues during the drilling of this well. With that in mind, I have specifically requested that he is on board when we go into setting the final abandonment plugs at high angles once the well testing phase has been completed.

Kindest regards

Senior Drilling Supervisor, ADTI-October 2012

Ferguson has been doing a great job for PAT thats why we prefer to mobilize him for slickline jobs

James, PanAfrican Energy Tanzania-October 2012

Danny is an excellent worker. He has been a great asset to the Halliburton testing team in Iraq.
Best regards

Robinson - Halliburton-October 2012

Another excellent job by Klaas. Look forward to working with him again.

Craig, Schlumberger - Netherlands -October 2012

As always Graham continues to show a professional attitude towards work, any task he performs and takes pride in the same. He is a pleasure to work with, a great team player and an asset to the team.

R Brown, Expro, Israel-August 2012

Osama did a good job on Rig 17, achieving all customer expectations

Walid Ali - Halliburton Kuwait-August 2012

Excellent work from Antonio, a great asset, many thanks.

Richard, Senior Project Manager, Halliburton Iraq-August 2012

Very good performance again from Daniel during his shift. The very positive and safe attitude of Daniel was recognised by the client rep (Wintershall) during a SLB Line management visit on the rig. I am looking forward to work with you again in the near future. Thanks for your commitment and good work.

Jean-Francois - Field Service Manager Schlumberger, Netherlands-August 2012

Richard`s hard work and dedication is much appreciated. His leadership in Majnoon is apparent to all. Great job!!

Gary, Halliburton Country Manager, Iraq-August 2012

Mark has recently returned to help us start up the latest phase of the operation here in Qatar, and I had to put in writing the appreciation of having him back on our team.
He was, as you are aware, with us on the initial startup and subsequent operations here with our Shell Qatar customer last year, and his performance, work ethics, skills and all round experience was both very well received by our client, as well as by the Senior Management here in Halliburton Qatar, and noticeably by all who worked with him out on the rig. His knowledge of the systems, hardware, software and operations and client interfacing are excellent and he willingly shares and passes on his knowledge to help others.

His entire focus was on the client getting the very best data, performance, and up-time throughout his time with us offshore. The fact he was willing at every turn to assist us, and even stayed over to ensure the customer was kept happy, was refreshing and very well noted by both the clients offshore, and on the beach.

He should be commended for his integrity, professionalism and overall dedication to performing the job, over and above all requested of him, to both my pleasure, and the clients appreciated satisfaction.
Please pass on our thanks for the job he performed for us last time out, and that we hope he will see this project through with us, to its conclusion in his usual relaxed, but highly knowledgeable manner.
He is an asset to you, and our operation here and both Halliburton Qatar and Shell are glad he’s back for us in the DAS lab again.

Shayne, Halliburton Service Coordinator-April 2012

Another good trip from Ross, who gets on with his job professionally and with the minimum fuss.

SS, QServ-December 2010

Allen, this was another good safe trip!! Working on jacket using Elmar 90ft mast setting 300ft of straddle to plug of perfs all carried as per programme no issues

Lee, Qserv-December 2010

John Hogarth: Excellent. Big thanks for staying over time. All Shell excellent. Maersk excellent. Dolphin excellent. 100% well done.

Paul H, Weatherford-December 2010

Excellent work in preparation of Shell equipment. Always a pleasure to work with.

Bill-April 2010

Allan was commended by BP completion supervisor for his efforts on PBLT. Good Effort

Mick Harpin-April 2010

A good all round trip from Ross. Keep up the good work.

John Clark-April 2010

A good job from Jim. Thanks very much.

Stephen Kennedy-April 2010

Reports were up to date and provided. No complaints on PPE. Practices good safety. Turned a job around that was going badly. Phoned in most days. Worked well with my crews. Good work attitude. Will have Callum back whenever required.

James M-April 2010

John as before is a team player and keeps good communication. Client also requested John back for this job. Understands Norwegian work which is important.

Jankees B -April 2010

Neil has been a pleasure to work with the last two years. He does his job very professionally and has no problems. We consider him to be just like the Halliburton employees and hope to use him again if work picks up. We will miss him.

Manager, Halliburton-March 2010

Alex is a very motivated professional. He is ready to perform his job at anytime.

Erick Goldschild-March 2010

Excellent knowledge and performance showed. QHSE inclusive in all respect and environment care. Excellent contribution.

Ricardo S-March 2010

Helped us a lot when we were short on people.

Tilek-March 2010

First time I have used Alan on any of my jobs, I found him to be reliable and have an all round knowledge of equipment used. Communicated well with onshore operations. Overall job was performed accident/incident free and most importantly safely. Would gladly use Alan again.

Dean Greig-March 2010

Stuart has been a great asset the time he has been here. He's knowledgeable about the equipment and has readily been available to help others learn the equipment.

Randy Gunnels-March 2010

Kevin was a big part of Expro being successful and safe on a high profile job, for Shell in Libya. I hope we can use Kevin`s skills on our next operations in Libya.

Craig, Expro-March 2010

Good job. Thanks.

Chang Leangsun-March 2010

Dave is a hard and excellent worker with a lot of ideas to improve the service on each he works. I was happy to have him in Congo during the preparation of TOTAL job which has been cancelled. With his level of therapy and expertise in well test. He has verbally helped and gave an excellent contribution to the work to be done here. Thank you for your contribution and thank you for keeping it at the same level.

-March 2010

Always good to have Peyman on the green for his job knowledge and quality of work. He is also great to have on the green for morale and enthusiasm.

S.George-February 2010

Koos provided tremendous services to Congo Testing. Koos is an asset to our operations and our maintenance team.

Phillippe SLB-February 2010

Overall performances exceeded expectations. Dave is taking the ownership and delivers a great service.

Phillippe-February 2010

Good team member, willingly passes on knowledge (also worked on coiled tubing - injector, wireline - slickline)

Bahrs Ronald-February 2010

Chris came in for scan and did what needed to be done on the scan package to get it ready. Then moved over to the welltest equipment and helped finish off the welltest package with plenty of time. Chris is very versatile at what he does.

Jeff Peramba-February 2010

Overall excellent person to work with, welcome to Tunisia at any time

Foued Mabrouki-February 2010

I am in charge of Stimulation Department in North Continental Europe (hence I did not tick any of the above options for testing, CT and wireline).

Grant came in and was key in one of our bigger projects and Service Quality success in Hungary. He immediately was respected by fellow employees based on knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. Overall he was very proactive and always was the "last one to sit down". He is familiar with our equipment & computer systems and I frequently advised with him to ensure the right/best decision is taken.

Michelle-February 2010

Tim was a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to working with him again. He has a very good knowledge of the Fardux data logger system and has no problem using Canada Tech Gauges. He also learnt more about PVT sampling during this job.

Steve C-January 2010

Good work as always by David

John Herriott-December 2009

Subject: Abdul Ismail WL Chief Op.

This Wireliner Abdul Ismail is a very good & experienced guy. I recommend we use Abdul Ismail again.

Manager, Expro-December 2009

Chris supervised a key job for Schlumberger and he did it in a very professional way. Our client was impressed with him and feedback was excellent. We would definitely use Chris in the future as he represents a key asset for Schlumberger testing.
Thanks Chris!

Manager, Schlumberger-July 2009

Jonathon was one of the best guys we have had here, never heard a word out of him he just got on with the job. We will be calling for him specifically in the future. Excellent hand.

Neil McClory-February 2009

Drago is a great team member; conscientious and industrious. Liked by all which is important out here. Thanks.

R.F. DSV-Shell-December 2008

Peyman has a good knowledge of the equipment and worked extremely hard as part of the crew. Excellent performance.

C.M. Expro-December 2008

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dave Caines and Roger Stapleton for the tremendous amount of hard work and effort they have put in over the last couple of months for us here in Libya.
These guys have been instrumental in getting our full package job for HESS Libya ready and working in time.

AT-November 2008

Very good job done with excellent attitude toward client. Great team spirit and strong technical background.
I would be very happy to have Dave back in Gabon.
Client feedback with very happy results.

J-C Gabon-September 2008

Jason is very safety conscious. He takes safety seriously and works great with Halliburton procedures. He does all the required paperwork. He has been here for 2 years and knows our system well. Thanks.

JW-May 2008

Kevin is the model for a consultant, I'm really happy to have Kevin in our location. He's
approach through the problems is remarkable good and the client is also glad for Kevin's
service quality.

EH-March 2008

Ross has supervised the whole Expro job including day and night shift crews during his recent term on the Claymore during a completion. He ensured all personnel worked well as a team and all equipment was ready. His attitude to HSE was excellent and his client interface was also of a high standard. As the senior Talisman rep on the Claymore I would be more than happy to have Ross onboard anytime.

Talisman-February 2008

Ross performed a competent job.
All wireline runs were completed satisfactorily.

MK, Expro-September 2007

Jim carried out a good, safe operation.

MK Expro-September 2007

Equipment and Operational Knowledge were marked as Average as Roddy had not worked with this type of equipment before, He has shown a really good attitude to learning the tasks that had been performed and been instrumental in our equipment preparation for Re-Certification etc: Being new to us, he has shown a good team work by working along side the Operations support team in Aberdeen helping them where he can and in return receiving the needed help from them.

NP, Slb-September 2007

Marco showed a lot of commitment to his job while performing the role of a cementing supervisor for well services on the AD 6 rig for Euroil.He was proactive and though his English isn`t very good it is enough to communicate with the Client. He had a few operational issues which just had to do with getting used to the equipment.

CC-September 2007

Steve is proving to be a real asset to the Lunskoye well clean up team.
He has a great depth of knowledge and is always pleasant and professional.
I look forward to his continued support on this project during this critical phase.

Fayaz K-September 2007

Nick continues to do a very good job for us in EQG. He has a very good attitude and works well with staff personnel. Nick is always willing to help when requested of him. thanks Nick keep up the good work.

CS-September 2007

As always with Dave an excellent performance. Punctual and professional at all times very good job and recognised by the client as well. Thanks Dave.

EK-July 2007

I would like to point out Martin Williams and Collin Mclean. These two supervisors took leadership roles and not only were they professional, they took the time to teach the crews new steps during operations and off. For me this is the kind of leadership that we as WSMs could only hope for on every job. If we could learn from these crews and continue to work together as a team, we will be heading in the right direction to be SAFE and Successful in our business. I would personally like to say thanks and would also like to congratulate these crews on a excellent job and hope so see all of them on a job in the future.

C.T. Chevron WSM-May 2007

John is a very competent welltest supervisor.
He is good to teach newcomers about the equipment and why and how things are done.

NU-May 2007

Neil was utilized to mobilize several multi-phase meters for PDO. Did a good job and we are well pleased.

PDO-April 2007

I am the RasGas Supervisor on Gulf Drilling 3. I am sending you this note to complement you for providing a very nice, professional young man to work on this rig. I have been very satisfied with the performance of all the crew, but I wanted to single out Peyman for the extra effort and good attitude he has on the rig. He has been onboard since the rigup and has been very professional and courteous, with not only myself, but also with everyone else on the rig. He is well liked and fits in well. He has worked long days and evenings and has never complained about being overworked. I wish you had more like him to send out here.

I know you always hear about people when they have complaints, but I wanted to let you know that you have a very special employee and I think he deserves recognition.

DF, RasGas-February 2007

Zbigniew has had an excellent contribution to the Team, and I highly recommend him to others.

Roger N-February 2007

Mark did a really good job. He was really cooperative in the job and had good team spirit and a positive attitude to do things.

S Ramesh-February 2007

Jason is a very professional supervisor. He is doing an excellent job for us

J Dove-January 2007

Jeff did an outstanding job as well test co-ordinator

BD-October 2006

It is always a pleasure having Bronte here. He is a hard worker and always on time.
He is very conscientious and passes on his knowledge to those around him.

A Webb-September 2006

Ovidiu has provided good cover as a supervisor on the night shift. Good equipment and operational knowledge. Handled a hostile well @ 13500 BOPD through test separator.

S Park-September 2006

Ewan performed his duties very professionally under very cold conditions in a remote location. He also conducted himself well during his free time which maintained our professional image at all times

E Menge-August 2006

Stuart was a valuable member of the fishing crew on Gaz de France. He conducted himself to a very high standard and was always professional. He was a credit not only to himself but to Online Consultants. I hope to work with Stu again.

GF-August 2006

Ahmed was involved in the first job of a new 4 phase seperator which we had built for a new project for Aramco. Ahmed was a very enthusiastic teammember who fitted in well with the rest of the crew. He was forced into living accomodation which was less than satisfactory and did so with no complaint. His overall performance was excellent

BF-May 2006

Gordon had a very good job performance. Considering there was no wireline work intended to be used for this well, ensured that his equipment was checked and ready to go if required. A great impression was made on me with his willingness to contribute as part of the team in disciplines that are not normally required of him, namely assisting in the well test crew, particularly the water treatment unit.

NT-February 2006

Iain provided a first class logging witnessing service during the 7 months of the HPX-1 well. Iain is knowledgable procative, enthusiastic and a good team player. A great benefit to the operations. I have no hesitation in recommending him for future BP work (and already have done)

G Irwin-January 2006

Chris has been performing very well on the job and has been much appreciated bu the customer and ourselves. He will be welcomed back anytime. I have recommended him to other locations. Very good team work.

D Ferdinand-December 2005

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