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Oil Consultants Project Management has an experienced, dynamic and motivated workforce with a can-do attitude. All our staff live the Mantra that HSE is their first priority, whilst always ensuring we meet the commercial and technical demands of our clients.

Our Project Management teams have delivered every aspect of drilling and completion operations on oil and gas fields worldwide. Our project staff have ten or more years field experience and all have the technical expertise and practical experience to develop and deliver projects on time and within budget. All of this combined with access to thousands of skilled and qualified managers andr personnel creates a workforce that is highly motivated and driven to provide the best possible results.

The Oil Consultants Project Management group is one of the UKs most successful oil and gas drilling management companies. We have operated globally for 12 years and understand the “local” nature of the oil and gas industry. Whatever your project needs we can create the team to meet your needs. Whether it’s a future project where we can assist you to develop tender responses or an urgent need to place teams or individuals within days, we can develop a solution which meets your needs, worldwide. Every project is unique and our response is always bespoke to your needs.

Engineering, Planning and AFE Cost Modelling

Oil Consultants are able to provide engineering and planning services to meet the industry needs. Oil consultants have engineers with core skills and utilize industry software to be able to deliver specific drilling and completion designs and execution plans. This includes conceptual design and front end engineering to ensure that any design is optimized for the ultimate project objective. The need to reduce uncertainty is critical in the early stages of the project design phase.

Oil consultants will employ a Technical Limit process to reduce uncertainty and to optimize cost as the engineering process moves into the detailed design and execution planning. The importance of operational sequence and risk mitigation is paramount. The objective of the engineering and planning phase is to develop a rigorous well design and execution programme that will deliver the project objective safely and efficiently. The project objective could be to construct a well, or a well completion, or an extended well test or a well abandonment. The principles involved remain the same irrespective of the scope of work.

Oil Consultants will follow a management system that standardises the technical approach to ensure company and industry compliance in accordance with the law of the operating country.

The Engineering and planning should include but not be limited to:

• Determination of well objectives, goals, scope of work and client requirement
• Develop well offset data package
• Determine design and engineering requirements
• Develop well conceptual preliminary design
• Develop specific well data package and contingency engineering if required
• Optimize Design
• Budgetary AFE costing and estimating
• Develop well construction / completion / test / suspension/ abandonment programme (dependent on scope of work)
• Identify products and Services etc Interface with procurement & logistics
• Detailed AFE costing
• Audit review

Oil Consultants are able to supply highly competent and experienced engineers and operations personnel who are skilled in delivering engineering and design work across the breadth of the industry.

Drilling and Completion

Oil Consultants has the personnel with the key skills to manage drilling and completion execution at the well site. Oil consultants have many drilling and completion specialists from multiple disciplines that can add value to a particular project.

The drilling well construction has to meet the well objectives set out in the well design document and the detailed drilling programmes.

The key to successful operations is to have experienced and competent supervisors, coordinators and engineers that can execute in accordance with the drilling programme and provide solutions to problems that occur during the course of a execution programme.

Oil Consultants can provide operational personnel to manage a project execution – Project Managers, Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Engineers, and Well site coordinators / operators

Some of the key functions that we can undertake when we provide a holistic solution are the following;

• Mobilise rig
• Mobilise resources
• Pre Spud meeting / workshop
• Schedule and coordinate resources
• Monitor daily activity- reporting to stakeholders- manage data base
• Implement HSE and operational engineering plan - Execute
• Monitor costs
• Manage change – contingency planning
• Implement demobilization plan
• Review, audit and analyse performance
• Internal review / document lessons learned
• Produce End of well report

Oil Consultants provide experienced, competent personnel and proven industry procedures /practices to lower operational risk. Oil consultants can provide the very best solutions to the well construction industry.

Well Testing-Prove Reservoir Potential

Any model on which critical field development decisions must be made demands direct measurement of the reservoir fluid properties, composition, flow rates, pressure, and temperature in order to quantify key characteristics such as connected oil & gas volumes and fluid mobility. Well testing typically consists of installing a temporary completion string in the well and temporary production plant on the rig/rigsite in order to carry out these measurements.

Well testing equipment must perform a wide range of functions:
• Quickly control pressure and flow rates both down-hole and at the surface and shut in the well when necessary
• Accurately meter the fluids and collect surface fluid samples
• Separate the resulting effluent into three fluids: oil, gas, and water
• Dispose of the resulting fluids in an environmentally safe manner.

High-value oil and gas wells, onshore and offshore, require complex as well as simple well testing solutions. We work to optimise well testing methods as well as to perfect well testing operations and processes, and make them as effective and efficient as possible.
To help you mitigate risk and manage uncertainty, our field-proven multidisciplinary teams work with your engineers on every test design and throughout the well testing operation. The result is a program of services that safely meets your test objectives accurately and on time.

Workover / Well Abandonment

Oil Consultants has been providing experienced, competent workover personnel to the industry for many years. Oil Consultants can plan, engineer and manage the execution for workover and well abandonment operations. As with drilling and completion and well testing the key functions are similar. The scopes of work that can be undertaken are the following:

• Coil tubing Operations
• Nitrogen Service Operations
• Re Entry Drilling Operations
• Fracture / Stimulation Operations
• Remedial Cementing Operations
• Casing Cut / Retrieval Operations

Oil Consultants can provide execution supervision / coordination, engineering and planning and can provide well site coordinators and operators for workover operations.

HSE Management

Oil Consultants have placed HSE performance as a foundation for its business. It is the prime concern and deliverable for all its activities. Ensuring the safety of personnel, protecting the environment and safe guarding of assets is paramount. To this end Oil Consultants has developed an HSE management system which is based upon the following guiding principles listed below, they are the sustaining force behind the controls that are required to operate in the complex day to day business of the oil industry. The following management guidelines are interrelated and dependent on each other. Failure in any one will have repercussions on the others.

• Commitment.
• Organisation.
• Accountability.
• Management Systems and Standards.
• Risk Management.
• Legislative Compliance.
• Training.
• Environmental Aspects.
• Continuous Improvement.
• Monitor, audit and review.

Oil Consultants will ensure HSE Compliance is followed and is strongly supported from the senior management of the company. Oil Consultants are able to provide HSE specialists that can plan, document, integrate and implement HSE policy and standards thus reducing operational risk.

Logistics & Procurement

Oil Consultants understand the logistics and procurement to be the key to the efficient execution of work at the well site, office or facility. The key to efficiently managing a project or a scope of work is to ensure that the supply chain is procured and mobilised in cost efficient manner. Oil Consultants understands that competitive pricing and utilisation of personnel / equipment is required to deliver value to our customers. The following are key deliverables when engaging in contract services and supply;

• Provide a Scope of Work to develop a list of required products / services as per Well programmes and engineering / design specifications
• Identify products & services
• Identify critical products and suppliers / compile lists of products / services
• Recommend / Select Suppliers / Contractors
• Verify Preferred Suppliers / Qualify Specifications
• Prepare requests for proposals to recommended suppliers
• Evaluate bids responses
• Selection of Suppliers / Services (if required)
• Review Contractual Requirement
• Review Supplier / Contractor risks
• Develop Contingency Suppler / Contractor strategy
• Ensure understanding on contractual / commercial agreements and transactional / operational / HSE controls. Monitor, audit review
• Prepare supplier lists of contacts

Oil Consultants can provide the very best procurement specialist to lead or assist our clients to manage their supply chain management. In addition Oil Consultants can supply logistics specialists during the operational phases and during the execution of the work.

Successful management of logistics is critical during the execution phase to reduce operational risk, reduce non productive time and managing cost. Oil Consultants can provide the key personnel to enable successful supply chain management.

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